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Office of Dr. Adam Grossman
27 E. Maiden St., Washington, PA 15301     P. 724-222-5230     F. 724-222-3676

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If you are new to Grossman Podiatry and have an appointment you may want to print the Patient Information Form, The Patient Medication List and any other applicable form prior to your appointment.  Not only will you be able to fill them out at your convenience, but it may save you time when you arrive for you first visit. Please fill out all forms to the best of your ability.

Patient Welcome Letter
Patient Information Form
Patient Medication List - Optional
Questionnaire for Diabetic Patients

For further information, please call the office.

Hours of Operation
are subject to change, but in general are:
8am to 4pm M, T, Th & F
8am to 11:30am Saturday
The office is Closed Wednesdays and Sundays.

How can I reach the office?
The office phone number is 724-222-5230 and the fax number is 724-222-3676.

Copays are due the day of the visit.

Our office can file a claim to your insurance company on your behalf but you have the responsibility to contact your insurance company by calling the member service number usually printed on the back of your insurance card and asking:
Is Dr. Grossman in network for you?
• Is podiatry a covered service?
• Do I have a deductible that has not been met?
• What is my copay for a podiatry service?

You may owe more than your copay amount due to the answers to these questions.
Our office cannot know this amount for certain until we file the claim and receive response from your insurance company.
The amount owed on a statement you may receive from this office is determined by your insurance company.
You will be asked to pay any balance on your next appointment.
If you are in need of making payments on your balance, please indicate the amount you can pay and an updated statement reflecting your next payment will be sent to you.

    Welcome         Our Practice         Need a Podiatrist         Forms & Insurance    
Our mission statement is simply:
‘Do the very best for every patient in every way!’
We accept most major credit cards
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